Alexey Akhunov
Mar 20 · 1 min read

You mention being grown-up and tantrums, yet a threat of not participating does seem like a childish tantrum.

There was no threat of not participating. I wrote that I will continue to provide updates for the calls and participate elsewhere. My concern is that being on a public call like this, without any rules to protect participants from being singled out, becomes dangerous.

If you are concerned silence is being misrepresented, simply state your position even if it is neither for, against or final.

I did state my position. Since there are no rules on how positions/decisions are recorded, the debate is being brought back multiple times, with various interpretations of what had happened in the past. I have to at least challenge these if I am on.

I enjoyed your Epicenter podcast. 👍

Thank you!

    Alexey Akhunov

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