Update on Token Game

Last week, I reached the point where I was satisfied with amount of unit testing for the token game contracts: https://github.com/AlexeyAkhunov/tokengame/blob/master/tests/TokenGame.kt

It looks like EthereumJ project that I used for the test is not really moving forward, so I will have to switch my testing to something else, like Truffle (now that they solved the issue of the test isolation that annoyed me earlier).

Next step was to deploy the contracts on a private Ethereum network to test it. And to try to play the game using two pretend participants. While it worked, the main learning from that experiment was that the token game really needs a simple user interface to monitor the current state of the game. Which is going to be my next challenge, and the main reason for the delay of the launch.

Someone called Cintix (/u/cintix on reddit, known for developing very interesting contracts for collective token purchases) also gave me a very critical and useful feedback on the arithmetics of the game (exponential advantage vs “time-disconted value”), and so-called “magic numbers” (like 100 weeks for the maximum lock up period). It will be more challenging to implement this on EVM than what I have now, potentially needing an auxiliary data structure (like red black tree), but definitely deserves to be tested.

And finally, I registered the domain tokengame.eth on ENS, which will be used during the launches for avoiding possible confusion about the game’s address.

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