Activity#1.b Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

I am a student of peace and love not in my town but in the whole country. It is a well-known proverb that knowledge is light. So it is the basic right of every human being to bring this light in their lives and remove the darkness of ignorance to be a useful person for this country and whole humanity. My goal is to convert the young Pakistanis from crime to social welfare and give them a chance to be a fruitful person of the nation.

I am from southern Punjab where many people are attached with criminal activities due to unemployment, lack of professional skills, lack of education and guidance. I want make a change in their lives by some positive thinking and education.

There are many hurdles you have to face when you go for the social welfare. You have to convince others and making their mind for accepting your thoughts. Especially when your opponent is our society consists of conventional and criminal minded habitants. They forced me to be just like them. When I was in 8th class m school was about 7km far from my house in another town I have to face many obstacles like usual strikes, convenience problem etc. Those were the worst days of student life for me and my five fellows from the same town. But my goal was to remove all these obstacles to make education so easy for each flesh of my town and one day with the help of God Almighty I will achieve this mile stone.

The first three tasks to achieve my goal are (1) Stable and prepare myself for this social welfare step. (2) Creating team for Team work. (3)Establishment of institutes and centers for the development of my NGO

I am on my first task that will complete soon in coming 5–6 months. Everything that you want to do for the happiness of your soul demands hard work, patients and solid determination. When I start my high school and then college studies there were much financial, difficulties but they were all temporary. In matric I was selected for PEEF scholarship that helps me a lot to meet my educational expenses. I learn everything is possible just start and work hard one day you will succeed.

Now I am Bsc. Chemical Engineering final year after completing my graduation I wish to work for the benefit of my country and conveying my idea to the higher authority to catch their attention and collaborating with them as a team.