Activity#2 Edhi sb Reading and Blog Post

Abdul Star Edhi a real super hero of humanity believes on working hard. His parents taught to take action instead of thinking the consequences of failures which is the first principle of Amal’s progress. When he started his friend’s make his fun that Abdul Star you can’t do it but he continue his effort. . His mother would always asked him to donate half of his pocket money to the poor and needy. Some of the times he would spent all the money on himself and did not donate half of it, in this case he would face his mother’s anger until he compensate it by doing any other good deed.

Edhi’s example that I have mentioned above of just start a task relates to one of my personal experience and now I am going to share my story relevant to the Edhi Sahab’s example of just start. In 2012 when I got admission in UET Lahore the first challenge for me was my expenses. To face this challenge I have one suitable option to start giving tuition. But being a new comer it was not easy to avail this chance. With the help of my seniors and my struggle I become an able to get a tuition of Physics and math of 9th class for 3000 rupee per month in an academy. In the beginning I face many problems about delivering lectures, controlling class, making papers, marking papers and the big challenge was to manage my university studies. But I never gave up and try my best to adjust myself my classmates always told me leave my tuition to pay my full attention to my studies but I continue both simultaneously and make my decision right. I follow the principle of Amal’ progress and Edhi Sahab’s progress i.e (1) Amal (2) Khudi (3) Sabr-e-Jameel (4) Team work

Everyone should follow the positive things of others. I followed the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Abdul Star Eidhi, and all other hardworking personalities. In my story there is a lesson for many students to accept the challenges of life and show their positive attitude to achieve their goals. Life is full of challenges you have to tackle them smartly and efficiently and prove yourself a valuable person like Abraham Lincoln, Will Smith and my all-time hero Abdul Sttar Eidhi. Believe me when you make your mind to do something positive with pure and true spirit Allah Almighty will blessed you with respectful success. Try to share the burden of your family and be creative instead of showing laziness because the worst evil is laziness.

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