Goal: Let’s Fix The Weaken Knots


Every child born innocent but some crucial circumstances of life forced them towards criminal activities. I belong to a backward area of southern Punjab where literacy rate is 5%. A huge part of population consists of illiterate and criminal minded people used young children for their benefits. They hire them for robbery, fight, mobile snatching etc. My goal is to protect and guide such homeless and unassisted children to make their life meaningful for society.


Stable and prepare myself for this social welfare step

Creating team for Team work

Establishment of institutes and centers for the development of my NGO

Task 1:-

If you have something than you are able to donate. That’s why the first task to achieve my goal is to stable myself financially, educationally and practically the achievement of my goal. After each semester break when I come back to my home town my teachers and friends remind me my goal by telling me some heartbreaking stories of youth. I am on my way for the achievement of first task of my goal.

Task 2:-

After stabilizing myself I have to convey my idea and benefits of it to the sincere and well-wisher of my town to make a team. Following the principles of progress Amal, Khudi, Sabrejameel and eik aur eik geyarah. Revolution comes when the whole nation unite against the evil just like a steel wall. Being a Muslim I have to teach the lesson of peace and love to all humanity. I will try my best to convey my idea to the government of Pakistan for their moral and financial support. If we want a prosperous, developed and peaceful Pakistan then we should build a satisfied and broad minded young generation.


After conveying my idea towards Pakistani nation I will be able to change the fate of those young strayed soldiers into the fate of patriotic soldiers. They will be like Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan instead of terrorist.

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