Summary of Eidhi Sahab’s Autobiography Chap#2

Abdul Sattar Edhi belongs to Memon family which has its roots in Thatha. Three centuries ago, his ancestors were converted into Islam by a saint who gave them a name “Momen” which was later converted into “Memons. Memons have their repute as good business men. This is because that saint asked their elders to set business communities. Edhi’s family was given this name because the “Mohalla” in which his fathers used live was the Edhi mohalla. His grandfather’s name was Haji Rahmatullah and he had a great spirit of humanitarianism which was later inherited by his father Haji Shakoor. Edhi was brought up in a village named Bantva which were located near Junagarh, Gujrat. It was a small but well developed village comprised of almost 75 % Memon community. Most of the people were business men and remained away from their homes for most part of the year, among whom Haji Shakoor was one. Haji Shakoor married with a women of Deevan family, who had been divorced earlier. Haji Shakoor had also been divorced twice and it was his third marriage with Abul Sattar Edhi’s mother named Ghurba. Edhi’s family used to live in a small house, he had three siblings which were his sister Zubaida, and his two brothers. In his childhood, he used to go to a Madrassah and play Gulli Danda with his his friends in the streets of the village.

Edhi’s parents, especially her mother brought him up in a very decent manner by teaching him the lessons of humanity, selflessness and social work. His mother would always asked him to donate half of his pocket money to the poor and needy. Some of the times he would spent all the money on himself and did not donate half of it, in this case he would face his mother’s anger until he compensate it by doing any other good deed. His mother would kept him involved in social work i.e. on Ramadan, Eid and at the start of every month she would send him with the packets of fruits and other things to give these things to the poor relatives or villagers. Because if these activities he was not good in his formal studies. He left the school after class four because one of his teachers used to harass him in the class. Then he joined the shop of a Seth where he served as a sales boy. At the age of thirteen he came to know about the Carl Marks and communist revolution of Soviet Union. Meanwhile, he came across with some of the incidents of history of Islam. These incidents moved him so much and he made his determination to be revolutionary social worker and to build institutions for the poor and handicapped people. At the age of fourteen, he was involved in love with a neighbor girl but this story could no longer prevail as the girl got married. In the same year there occurred the division of sub-continent and he, with his family came in Karachi.