Ivana Knezevic

a lot of things to say: first, a concrete and deep article, or I should credit it as poetic-prose! Carved so naturally, with the flow kept in mind to never exceed the velocity of sensibility — making the reader to ponder, within him/herself (we’ve an idiom in Hindi for that, but it’d be absurd to use it here, seeing it’d go meaningless-to-the-nonspeakers). Also, i see you’re reaching that point whence you could start writing more and more, narrating simplest of musings, non-fictive happenings, and ultimately to countless chapters of your ‘life-story’ — and i’ll be the first to order that book, with an autograph please, no matter where you publish it. I wanted to question you and argue when you said “we are not taught to give”, with my assertive reasoning that in Islam, which is the 2nd largest religion of the world, children are taught to give alms, and charity as much as possible from the youngest of age; it is our culture, to give out zakaat — the tithe for whatever we have gathered whole year round, in order to raise the status of the lowers of the religion. But then I read on, and you said we do, but with the idea at the back of our minds, hoping for something good in return, and then I realized that even in zakaats, it’s expected by the givers that it will bring more money in return: so thus I didn’t interrupt you there, and agreed on.

But as a fellow writer friend, and your responsible bro who would like to get more out of you, I’d like to ask you a few things, you know just for the purpose of fun, making things clear to me a bit more, and letting you dive into yourself a few more inches. You say you love to give, and it brings joy to you: so who do you exactly give to (you need not add this to the article: it is perfect the way it is, and I think you must even feature it on your profile: just answer me out), friends? strangers? — if the former, then do you still think the act would be termed selfless, seeing that you are giving to friends; and if the later, then what kind of strangers, what kind of poors, when have you and what do you give, is the given thing useful to the taker, as according to you, and as seen through the general perception. After all these must have I used question marks: they are queries — you know: to know, ask!

Also the pic you used looks very appropriate; you should write more, and submit to the pubs even more so — I know how you see it as a means to gain more ‘hearts’ and a market, but, it’s not limited to that only…. it gets you recognition, introduces you, your works, to new strangers, and the vice versa, it encourages you to write more, more productively, which I don’t think you don’t want to do, it gives you aesthetics. You got my full support Ivana, inspire on. And thanks for giving the muse to me to type this 2 mins here. Khudahafiz.

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