Hey bro, so quick to get offended !
Ivana Knezevic

An apology for the sake of being humble

Hey sis Ivana, I owe you a response, and more than that, an apology….I don’t know what to say…even if I’d, I am not going to stretch this stupidly based conversation turned battle of medium (hmm, I named it properly). Anyway let’s end this thing. I am sorry I acted like a jerk…a major douche. Also I am sorry I mentioned about your secrets that you tell me taking me in confidence, and I exploited them…I must have been PMSing…(this is to be taken as a joke)…just like your sister, I have excuse for everything, but no legit reason. So let me end this here….I apologize now, this may appear as “sugar coated honesty”, but this is how I am, and how I do things.

Also as you said, so I am saying it now, I’m thankful for your support, that you showed to me and my not-so-worthy poems…..you were by my side, always complimenting or correcting whenever was required to, and even after knowing that’s the way you act in earnest I was all offencive. ..so sorry for that too.

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