Nose Jobs For Kids? No Way.
Angela Barnett

Angela, I found your article very original, and I hope that developers of such pathetic so called ‘games’ take actions, and help make the gaming experience more healthy and fruitful to their consumers, particularly if the users are young kids. I could agree with you no more when you say that such games, of which we’re against now, teach no morals or/and provide no enhancement to the inner strength, and for that matter any kind of strength to the gamers; they are ruining the foundation of the future gen by just even telling them that “every(girl)one wants a perfect/stunning body”, while the case should be that children must be taught that their bodies are perfect the way they are, and no one, and by that I literally mean NO ONE should ever be allowed to tell them otherwise. I wonder what kind of personalities and individualities the makers of such games have if they are telling the younger gen NOT to be themselves and crave what others(or atleast the narrowed, ruined and weak mindset of the developers) believe to be perfect, and on what ethical values the corps have and are keeping them employed!