dying hope.

a romance


your mind’s an ailment
far from my perception.
Leaving all that you have behind,
it craves what’s out of sight.

without you, my heart’s ill at ease.

what concealed tie is that
what bond now
still pulling me, and embracing
towards you.

I, a blurred, never ending saga
more you’ll near me, you’ll find
there’s still a gap ‘tween.

without you, my heart's ill at ease.

a mystery that you’re
my mind can’t unravel
God knows what secret’s there
that binds your heart.

hide and smile
how anxious I am, day and night.
these eyes had no sleep in a long time
and mind’s no relief.

without you, my heart’s ill at ease.

Jiya Lage Na

in response to the prompt, Hope.

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