Sooo what are we supposed to do?
Ivana Knezevic

Haha…lots of questions….okay sis this is a response to the poem I wrote answering 10 out of 20 questions from KE Kimball’s prompt on Fresh Darling that I earlier told you about remember, and you even read that poem….guess you don’t recall. Anyway, this is supposed to be the explanation to the ‘poem’; and if you’d like, an invitation as well…you just go through the 20 questions, link to which could be found in the post this is replied to, choose 10 which you prefer, and answer them, then creatively wreath them in a wonderful poem: isn’t this like the amazingiest-fantastically-creativitiest prompt that you’d have seen!!!!!😀😀😀 hope you write that poem….it’ll be fun try it.