I found this poem enjoyable, but would caution against using foreign scripts for emphasis.

Hello Mr Strange!😀 I loved saying this…….Mr Strange! Hmm..deligthful. I’m gald that you enjoyed it. I wanted to use the word Aves for the title, as in Latin; I earlier thought it was Greek, but it came out to be Πουλιά (Google told me)..but I still wanted to use it, so I did anyway. And while doing it I used the ‘ξ’ of the Greek alphabets; but the rest was of english…it was v of the english, not v of the Greek, as was A, and the S. ξ was used to appear as ‘e’, a fashionable ‘e’😉, and as such of the last letter ‘s’, I don’t think it exists in the Greek script, thus the reader was suppose to read it as a fashioned english word, ‘Aves’! That was that, just a creative thought martin.strange.