Zev , you hearted Ivana’s recommendation. Have you read it already?
Ah ha, I’ve been served.
Susan Christiana

Hey Susan. Yes I’ve been spying on your discussions, and I really sucked at keeping my presence invisible…haha😅

A book club! I. Am. In.

I always wanted to be a part of one, but unfortunately, I have not read Shantaram, ever. Nor do I plan to read The Aztec, which sis mentions as her first chore-distractor… actually I’ve been reading Marquez and Allende for some time now (and I’ve got a long way with them) and I don’t think I’ll like to see any more of the Latin American plot and scene; not being racist, but you know, a bit of variation will be great. I’m, however, not planning to buy any book any time sooner, not until I go through most if not all of my already collection. I pleasure in reading many books at the same time, ya’know…it keeps things interesting even if sometimes the story gets loooow (like Dickens’ ; I mean, move the story on you moron). Anyway, so yeah if we could come on some book that gets in common then that would be great…. like I’m (also) on Arundhati Roy’s latest, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, and do you know she is up for the Booker Prize once again.