Hub of the Wheel



So you won’t leave this wretchedness,
Won’t you come with me!
I wonder you won’t.
Yea, these caverns suit you more;
So your tears source these rivers,
I didn’t know that.
These salty perennial streams.
They reflect the dappled sky with —
What you call birds, soul.
I wish to have more emotions,
Feelings like your tears, groans.
They are so humane. I fancy.
How do you manage all that, mulier?

Καλύτερα να μην ξέρω παιδί μου, εσείς καλύτερα να μην. Η απώλεια αυτή.
Live in ignorance: ignore this weeping stone
‘Tis no good to none. Now leave.
Ho! Away from this exile
Just take a memory of never turning back.
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