I’ll be interested to hear what others say about it,
last week, this morning #29
Tamyka Bell

i know, she’s amazing Tams….I mean all of her poems are so, aaah, I don’t have exact words, but saying that i continue to check her profile for any new stuff if she has writ must say more than required; it seems so natural in her, that, and a lot of vigorous studies of varied literature i think, seeing how good she’s, be it with Japanese culture, sometimes even sSnskrit, and even Greek too….she overwhelms me, always, really…God I could like go on and on on her works, as if working on a thesis for my doctrate..haha. Though she’s MIA for a few days now, I even wrote a few words for her [here — https://medium.com/@akhtershahzeb565/kall-to-kat-d6be0e0d93b7]; hope she’s well and be back asap.

ps- i recommend u to read some more of the alleged’s poems….you won’t be disappointed. :-)

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