Ivana Knezevic


I am not going to apologize for humiliating you, because I didn’t. Or at least I didn’t mean to. What I said earlier, mentioning about your chores was completely a matter of saying…it wasn’t meant to hurt you, not at all, and not by any means a weapon used against you. As you used to say that whatever you state as your opinion, good or critique is under your earnest manner and desire, and you are saying the truth as you see it, so did I. And if you act to state what you do as earnest, and the person it is stated to is supposed to take it as a friendly observation, then the same applies to you: you are also supposed to take what others observe to you under good intention…and that is how I think relationships work, with compromises, not by charging against each other with whatever intel you have, as I did in my idiocity in an earlier reply, or as you said in this previous response (btw I am not humiliated by your stating what I already know to be truth…I dont live with that fact being hidden under and me as ignorant of it; I’m in full knowing of it, and find what you say quite funny). Anyway I have nothing else to say.

a sugar coated, and hypocritically naive