The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Portland, 2017
Michael Stalcup

You wrote this so well Michael, and meaningfully, yet remaining within the limits of the poetic style; I’m looking upto it, really. Though this quote you included here, so appropriate with your poem, seems a bit, you know wrong to me, in general sense, like as such, this could be a ‘wrong’ answer to plays, like Hamlet: where though what the hero did wasn’t great or what should have been done, but seeing the circumstances of the plot, nothing else could have been correct to do, not at the least inaction. So revenge, though knowing himself is not the answer, he still was damned, like Orestes, to do anything but take vengeance. So yeah, I went a bit in philosophy there, anywho, enjoyed your villanelle.:-)