Here I Am

It’s on the cusp of the rest of this life where we stand,
with certainty we proclaim, “today, here I am!”
Today, this day rises freshly anew,
How many remain, undeniably, no clue.

With joy, the first step into new light,
building and climbing momentum to flight.
We will face the darkness and conquer the night,
with faith hope and love courageous and bright.

This day I claim what remains of this life,
and face the complexities, stingings, and strife.
I will walk the line, on the edge of the knife,
Because narrow the way is to fullness of life.

I kneel, baptized by water to light,
In the presence of One with all wisdom and might.
I’ve surrendered all I have and thus all I will be,
to the One who died, as love, to save me.