Earn³: How to Explore Aki Network’s Threefold Reward System

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Aki Reward is how we give back to the community — we’ve just made Aki Network 3 times more rewarding!

There are three major ways to earn Aki Reward:

  • 1) Campaign rewards from project partners and Aki Network. Join and refer to earn at our campaign engine.
  • 2) Aki Badge: seasonal winners receive a soul-bound NFT, stablecoins, and a boost in $AKI airdrop
  • 3) $AKI airdrop: multiple rounds and based on real contributions to Aki Network

At the time of writing this guide in early May, we are in the midst of Aki Badge Season 3 and the Genesis Airdrop Round.

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Aki Reward System Overview

Earn 3 times for your contribution with Aki Network

At Aki Network, we know our success is tied to the commitment of our community. We value our users for their contributions so much that we have created a threefold reward system.

Our goal is to ensure that while user rewards are largely proportional to contributors, every single Aki Network user will be rewarded and has something to look forward to.

There are 3 layers of Aki Rewards for you to earn on Aki Network, namely:

  • Campaign rewards
  • Aki Badge
  • $AKI airdrop

Earning rewards and $AKI with Aki Network is just the beginning. WIth $AKI tokens, you can grow with us by unlocking various benefits and privileges.

Here are some major utilities of the $AKI token:

  1. Enjoy exclusive user privileges: by spending $AKI, users may:
  • Gain early access to the most popular, rewarding projects in Aki Network (past cases like Fusionist, EthSign, SynFutures, Michael Jackson Foundation…)
  • Increase your odds in campaigns’ prize lotteries
  • Obtain a spot in our influencer incubation program.

2. Pay for Aki Network services, including our highly sought-after marketing services, network exposure in our communities, and technical support. This creates substantial demand for $AKI from our vast client base and allows $AKI holders to benefit from the increase in such demand.

3. Participate in on-chain governance, where projects and users get a chance to accumulate more $AKI to take part in Aki Network’s future roadmap.

4. Access to Aki Protocol’s proprietary data API powered by zk-SNARK.

5. Rewards to users for Aki Network’s own campaigns, partially through token repurchase.

$AKI’s utilities focus on exclusive user privileges and payment to its sought-after services

Buying and holding $AKI tokens is equivalent to casting a vote of confidence on our vision and our efforts.

Our well-designed tokenomics ensures that all our contributors will capture the value created by Aki Network’s rapid growth.

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How to earn³ with Aki Reward System

Let’s dive deeper into the three layers of Aki Network’s threefold reward system!

I. Campaign Rewards

Campaign rewards are from Aki Network and project partners through campaign-specific activities. When you join our campaigns, complete tasks, and refer other users into Aki Network, you can earn rewards.

These rewards are unique to each campaign and can consist of NFTs, project tokens, stablecoins, whitelists, or other prizes.

II. Aki Badge

Aki Network offers a unique cyclical reward system through Aki Badges, which are soul-bound NFTs rewarded to community members during a given season or year. Aki Badges come in different types, with each type recognizing specific achievements in the Aki Network community.

Currently, Aki Network has released two types of Aki Badges, while three more are in our pipeline for future seasons:

  1. The Aki Star Referrer Badge is awarded to the top 50 users who refer the most users to Aki Network across all S3 eligible campaigns.
  2. The Aki Star Finder Badge is awarded to users whose referees’ total wallet balance reaches $100k USD.
  3. (To be released) Aki Badge 3 is targeted to award perseverance and long-term contributors
  4. (To be released) Aki Badge 4 is targeted to award grass-root business development and project proposals.
  5. (To be released) Aki Badge 5 is targeted to award contribution to Aki Network growth.

Each season, Aki Badge holders share a prize pool of stablecoins and $AKI tokens (in the future). The actual rewards are distributed based on a snapshot of the wallets holding the Aki Badge before a designated date and time. The prize amount depends on the type and level of the Aki Badge held.

Moreover, each Aki Badge entitles its holder to more $AKI airdrops in the near future. Aki Badge Season 3 is currently under way from April to June 2023.

III. $AKI Airdrop (Maximize your share NOW!)

We consider $AKI airdrops an indispensable part of our growth roadmap.

At this moment, we are ready to share some general rules on how to maximize your airdrop in our Genesis Airdrop Round:

  • Hold an Aki Badge
  • Own campaign NFTs
  • Participate in Aki Network campaigns and refer as many users as possible to do the same
  • Be an early adopter of the Aki Profile page and create your own web3 landing page.
  • Be a verified influencer or key opinion leader with a proven track record of contributing to the network.

Remember, the more you participate, the more you earn!

In a Nutshell

In summary, to increase your chances of receiving more Aki Rewards and a larger share of the $AKI airdrop, make sure you:

  • Join every Aki Network campaign to earn more campaign rewards
  • Refer as many users as possible to Aki Network to be in the running for Aki Badge Season 3.
  • Refer “whale” users with a total wallet balance of $100k+ or more to Aki Network to qualify for Aki Badge Season 3.
  • All of the above!



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