Singapore Airlines Airbus 350–900 Proving Flight, SIN-KUL, April 8, 2016

My routine trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur turned into a special treat tonight. Instead of the Airbus 330 that SQ normally flies on the route, this particular flight had been chosen as a proving flight for the airline’s first A350.

This particular aircraft will be on the Singapore-Amsterdam route starting in May, presumably once the airline receives additional aircraft and any initial problems are ironed out. For me the exciting event will be a year from now when SQ promises to open up the non-stop Singapore-Los Angeles link again.

Entry door. Nothing unusual there.
This aircraft carries serial number 26.
Business class cabin is in two parts. This is the front section.
And the few seats in the rear section.
The windows are noticeably larger. The seat design is the new one that’s already debuted on part of the B777 fleet.
The Premium Economy section looks definitely survivable.
And the screens are big, except they are a bit high up in the first row.
Power point. Cool new Panasonic in-flight entertainment system. And noise canceling headphone system.
In coach people are still relatively tightly packed (as usual).
It was a short flight and over way too soon.