Dislike / Fighting online discrimination

©Sofia Vaz

Dislike/Fighting online discrimination” was a youth exchange held from 26th April — 3rd May, 2017 in Sende (Spain). It brought together 25 young people from Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain to tackle the issue of online discrimination and cyber-bullying using the arts of drawing, illustration and writing as tools to raise awareness on this topic

During the exchange the participants learned how to deal with online discrimination, how to prevent it and how to expose it as a concrete and existing problem in our world using non-formal education methods and artistic related workshops. They also learned about the No Hate Speech movement and tackled the issue of internet privacy and over consumption of social media.

As a part of the program the whole group took part in a social experiment: everyone left their phone in a box in the morning and spent the entire day without it. The biggest challenges were telling the time or reaching for the phone in one’s pocket and ending up empty handed.

These materials were produced by the participants of the Exchange and are meant to be shared on social media.

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