KoalaSafe: A Startup Focused on Easier Parenting

Who doesn’t want to make parenting a little easier? KoalaSafe is a tool for managing a child’s time spent online. The company was founded in August 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign. Adam Mills explains that he and his co-founder discovered a “real problem” and wanted to provide a “real solution.” The product itself is a box with a dedicated WiFi network for kids. Parents are then able to view analytics based on their child’s online behavior.

Getting started with social

KoalaSafe has attained influence on social media, with hundreds of likes and follows on their corporate Facebook and Twitterpages. They have also recently started a Pinterest page to generate more influence. Social media accounts are helping them develop and maintain a core community, though these efforts do not necessarily directly translate into sales. They are, as we say here at Red Cup, a “soft target” — contributing to the overall success of deploying your message, but not always measurable with hard numbers.

The beauty of Amazon

As it turns out, Amazon.com is KoalaSafe’s most successful channel for finding customers. They are generating strong sales in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK through the platform. Amazon allows them to easily scale geographically. Especially when comparing costs with in-house shipping, the choice is a no-brainer. It is clear that Amazon will be tied into KoalaSafe’s business model for a long time.

Getting the right press

In their early days, KoalaSafe managed to get a fair amount of press with their Kickstarter campaign. As a tech product, a lot of this press was focused around technology and media outlets. Great for the campaign, but not very helpful in reaching their target customers. Eventually, they pivoted, focusing on press outreach to outlets more relevant to their brand — like mommy blogs. They even managed to land a feature article in the Wall Street Journal. Mills explained that an emphasis on public relations has really gotten the company on the map.

Looking to the future, KoalaSafe plans to continue to grow its social channels as well as its press outreach. They are also interested in working with complementary companies that have influence with their target audience. We look forward to watching them continue to spread their mission of simplifying parenting on a global scale.

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