#SwathiMurder #Infosys #Nungambakkammurder #Chennai


When I read the news this morning, I got goosebumps out of shock and fear, couldn’t continue to read. so many thoughts racing in my mind. what, really? A murder in a bright sunny day with so many witnesses? Is it really possible?

where are we going? Are we going back to Ape era, we ourselves eradicating humanity?

The worst part is, those who were there watching the entire crime as if watching a soap opera, shame on those. Those who watch the crime and keeping mum is equally responsible and worst than the culprit.

If I have the power and authority, I will first take action on those watching the crime than the culprit.

Atleast the crowd should have called an ambulance and tried to save her life.

Ancestral property issue, Love failure,family issue, politics,sex,or even if you don’t get your one meal? No problem at all. Murder! Kill them! Take what you want. This is what we are doing and the so called educated,posh,technically advanced iPad society is watching quietly as if they are singing national anthem at attention!

what’s the use of International Yoga day, if you can’t be a human?