Sage One, an example of how technology can help in scaling up your business

If you are like me, you sat on a business idea for a while then one day, you just decided to start. It felt great. Right? Your friends and family were excited for you.

If you are also like me, you felt like you had it all figured out. A quality product/service + a good brand + an able target audience + good pricing + distribution/sales = profits :) YAAAAY!!

While on the process of scaling up however, you slowly come to realize that your business formula and go to market strategy are the least of your worries. (all respect to the hustle)

At this point, the headache and worry filled nights are caused by other agents; growing workforce, payroll, taxes, project management. People throw words like compliance at you. Some work contracts even demand compliance documents. This is all new to you and you have to figure it all out.

Most of the time, you resort to hiring an accountant and probably retain a small audit firm/individual to file returns and keep your books. Which is good.

But technology is evolving really fast and to your advantage. A couple of years back, cloud computing was another buzzword in the industry. Just like IOT (Internet Of Things) now.

If you go through the internet right now however, you will come across a myriad of cloud tools that can ease up all your processes. Check out Team Work for example, a super project management tool for many professionals at a really affordable monthly cost. It gives you visibility on all tasks across a project and teams can collaborate realtime.

Read on SaaS.

Recently, Sage launched Sage One another cloud based tool that offers accounting and payroll solutions. They are not just giving you a simple off the shelf solution though; Sage One is (KRA) Kenya Revenue Authority compliant, meaning you can submit all your NSSF, NHIF and tax returns with just a click of a button. This is a game changer. Check them out.

The best way to scale up your business is to embrace technology now. Not tomorrow.

What are some of the other solutions you know about?

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