All you need is one great excuse to do something stupid

Rant 364

All you need is one great excuse to do something stupid. We have great excuses for something silly. We have such quality excuses that make that decision seem tangible. We know we will do what we want to do. But we approach people for their sentiments— we offer tangible excuses when they ask "why do you want to do it?" We convince them that our silly idea is right, even when we know it's silly from the start.

An Allegory of Folly (early 16th century) by Quentin Matsys

It isn't stressful.

There is this thing that you want to try or this product that you want to buy. It could even be a particular clothing style that you want to rock.
Under different circumstances, they wouldn't appeal to you.
But you're stuck. You're in the fervour of the moment & you're bought by it.
You want to try those things regardless of what comes after.
But you need someone else's opinions. You need someone else's validity.
Someone else's opinions validate your desire to do that stupid thing.
You know it is stupid. But you want to do it.
You craft tender & tangible excuses for that person whose validity you need.
That person doesn't give his/her sincere opinion. It is your desperation that he/she sees.

If you reflect on the scenario, the person's opinion is withheld. The response he/she gives you is in concert with your dictates.

You've got a valid excuse to try something stupid & there, you have it. Nothing else matters but that you got your way.

I have just realised that the little silly things we do are intentional. We give ourselves to them & we're taken by them. Everyone who considers the idea as stupid & silly becomes shortsighted & unexposed. It's how we roll.

"words from the innocent mind"




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