Start anywhere, anyhow…

First, I promised myself a lot of things and one of them was to write often, I guess I haven’t done so much to make that happen but today is different - I’m actually writing.

I’ve always wanted to write, everyday and I made that a priority. A metric for progress; “Write for 30 mins everyday. But I failed and failed. And after I failed so many times, I started to feel like a failure generally because I thought; “How hard can it be to dedicate 30 mins out of 24hrs in a day to write”. I stopped writing and started looking for why I couldn’t achieve this. The answer was pretty simple after weeks of studying (Books make you better): I was focusing on the result instead of the process, and the process is more important. And it hit me: Don’t focus on the goal you’re trying to acheive, instead focus on the surrounding elements that limits you from accomplishing the goal. Here’s an example: I wake up around 4:30 am everyday, I have a list of things to do before 7 but I usually end of fiddling with my phone till 6am. To fix the deficiency in the process, I don’t sleep with my phone on the bed. It’s a proper long distance to get my phone. This helped improve the process and created time for me to write, meditate, pray and properly plan for the day.

You can say the process is the habit. The importance of forming a positive habit is underrated- You must do something until not doing it becomes a problem. Warren Buffett has written: “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken…At my age, I can’t change any of my habits. I’m stuck. But you will have the habits 20 years from now that you decide to put into practice today. So I suggest that you look at the behavior that you admire in others and make those your own habits, and look at what you really find reprehensible in others and decide that those are things you are not going to do. If you do that, you’ll find that you convert all of your horsepower into output.” I didn’t understand what this meant till earlier today.

I unconsciouly started cleaning up my room on Saturday’s 7–9am. Today I woke up and I couldn’t think of doing something else. Not cleaning up my room became a problem, made me so uncomfortable that I just had to do for inner peace. My own behaivour shocked me right there.

Everyday, I am creating better routines and trying to fix processes to get better results. I have gone off from what this post was originally intended but I am going to post it anyway. I have also noticed writing helps align the million voices in my head and I’m glad about this.

Welcome to my thoughts, ideas and co. Leave a message if you think I could have said a couple of things better and I will think about it. :)

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