Permit yourself to succeed 
Who you are is a great determinant of where you are and where you will be. You’re working in process, permit yourself to do anything and feel anything. Do a life check ups and identify areas you’re consciously or unconsciously holding yourself back. 
Do you think you don’t need to give yourself permission? 
Yes permission to be successful. 
Take it or leave it, you tend to be influenced by what seems right to you especially when they happen at convenience. Allow yourself to love, dream and to feel happy. Let go of old beliefs, it can be holding you back whether you struggle to believe in yourself, your capabilities or the vast array of limitless possibilities for your life. You may be shutting out of the very thoughts that can propel you to the success you desire. Pause for a moment and answer this question. Am I confident enough to be successful? 
Are you ready to take risk? 
If you can’t see yourself as being successful, it is likely that your own beliefs are creating an inner blockage. Open your mind to what is possible, dissolving inner blockages, be willing to believe something, take charge of your life, thou the future may seems not clear, life may throw lots of stones at you, see opportunities in it and make a stepping stones. Create a life strategy for yourself, challenge every belief and philosophy, take responsibility for your actions. 
 7 Mantras to guide you

  • Change your belief
  • Take risk
  • Self discipline
  • Remind yourself "the battle is not over"
  • Be a process
  • Be ready for a change
  • You do it. Think out and challenge the normal. Celebrate yourself even when others don’t. You too can be great. ©Bofias
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