Rest on Brother.

Never thought my first medium post would be a eulogy. I am not even sure whatever I write here will make sense but words been bouncing in my head so I feel this is the way to deal with my grief.

Truth is I don’t know how to deal with grief, I’ve never lost anyone I deem close to me. The last memory of loss I had was in the mid 90’s when I lost my Grandad; I was a child so I didn’t know what to make of it.

I’m not prepared for this, no one is ever prepared for the loss of a loved one…your departure has stirred up emotions I never thought I had, a side of me I’ve never met. I’ve been zoning out all day and all I see is your face.

Sambioye — a friend & brother.

When Imole broke the news of your demise I screamed. It was inconceivable…I blocked my ears and closed my eyes in futile attempt to block the dreadful news as it filtered into my consciousness.

No God! Please!!!!! This can’t be true.

I didn’t realize I was shaking, a terrible cold had enveloped me — the kind you feel when you see a ghost. I was in shock. My heart sank.

I called Yinka (since he was closer to you in Lagos) to tell me it was all a lie, unfortunately I was the bringer of bad news. I’m sorry Rufus. I’m so sorry Wale. I’m so sorry Imole.

We mourn because we’ve lost someone our hearts were connected to, someone we all called friend and brother. We shared the same classroom, goals, an optimistic view of the future among many other things.

Samson, you’ve left us — sad, shaken and heartbroken. I wish this was a dream. God! Why??!!! I know you didn’t do this but why? Why allow it? This is not your way oh God. It really is tough to accept.

I remember we were supposed to have a meet up and just catch up on things some time ago, you couldn’t come through because of a meeting you and Imole had to be in. I was with Dennis and Yemi.

Words fail me. This is not working. I’m not feeling better. Eulogies are supposed to be about the deceased but this is all about my pain.

I will miss you Samson. Your time was short but your dream, vision and memory will neither die nor fade. You’ll live on in our hearts.

Rest on Brother. We’ll meet again.