Wi-Fi Router Dangers — The Biggest Lie Ever.

Do you enjoy using your Wi-Fi router, but live in constant fear for its safety?
Do you want to know how safe it is to use your router?


Ever since the introduction of Wi-Fi routers in 1997, it has continuously played a vital role in our everyday lives and considering the kind of environment we live in today, the influx and congestion of wireless connection, it would be assuring to know where we stand.

Allow me to clarify that over time; I have heard lots of people offering their opinions on social media, blogs as well as different fora, concerning the Wi-Fi router. They have all put in the effort of drawing the attention of individuals and concerned authorities to the hazardous side effects of the best wireless routers.

Why do they do that? I will tell you in a bit
In a radio interview with a professor he explained to the listeners, why he felt that we were ‘wired’ and constantly got ‘fried’ by microwaves emitted by most devices that facilitate our daily activities. He went on to mention that our phones, remotely controlled cars, Bluetooth devices, baby alarms, and many other appliances including the Wi-Fi router which make use of microwaves to perform their functions pose a significant danger to our health.

He advised that using our phones less than we currently do, could help us avoid cancer. I knew he was all wrong and I will explain why.

In physics, there is a term that is referred to as the Electromagnetic Spectrum and can be defined as the arrangement of radiation in order of increasing wavelengths and frequencies. The magnetic spectrum has in it two sets of radiation.

The first is the ionizing radiation with wavelengths shorter than that of light
These includes ultraviolet (UV) rays, X-rays and gamma rays. These radiations are extremely harmful when you get exposed to them because they have the capacity to breakdown skin tissues thereby resulting to serious health conditions which include cancer, skin disorders and tumours. Bear in mind that the ultraviolet part of sunlight is hazardous, you will need to have sunscreen on if you stand the risk of being exposed to it.


The second is a collection of radiation with wavelengths that are shorter than light, and these include visible light, Infrared, Microwave, Radio waves and some others with even lower frequencies and wavelengths.

Our phones, baby monitors, and Wi-Fi routers, in particular, makes use of a 2.45GHz microwave band to send and receive data, and as to whether this poses any harmful effects to our health, the simple answer is NO.

One question I’m often asked is “if you say the radio waves and microwaves from phones, baby monitors, the best Wi-Fi routers are not harmful, can you say the same when you leave your microwave oven door open? The obvious answer is No; because the microwave oven is designed to make use of a high voltage to generate waves only to be utilised in the oven. While on the other hand, the Wi-Fi router uses very low voltages to create waves 100,000 times weaker than that of the microwave oven and since it can be used from a long distance, the microwave is broadcasted in all directions.

To clarify this, I’m going explain a law in physics that governs non-ionizing radiation. The law termed the inverse square law, states that the intensity of non-ionizing radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance; implying that the longer the distance or coverage area, the lesser the intensity of the radiation. Ever wondered why you experience Wi-Fi dead zones? This law explains it all.

Hundreds of research have been carried by concerned bodies including the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. National Cancer Institute, B.C Center for disease control, U.S National Cancer Organization (USNCO) and Health Canada amongst others confirming the hazard free nature of Wi-Fi devices.

However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) conducted a comprehensive test on the tendency of radio frequency electromagnetic fields being carcinogenic to humans. The body concluded that radio frequency electromagnetic fields are a Group 2B possible carcinogens. But by definition, everyone knows the Group 2B compounds to be non-carcinogenic in nature.

The National Institute of Health has also left no stone unturned concerning this speculation. Researchers from this prestigious institute have carried out series of epidemiologic studies to examine the possible relationship between the risk of cell phone use and cancerous tumours.

A case-control study and two cohort studies were carried out by the researchers. The “interphone” case-control study revealed no increase in brain and central nervous system cancers as a result of excess cell phone usage. The two cohort studies revealed no observable incidents of glioma, meningioma, or acoustic neuroma as a result of long term cell phone use even over a period of 13 years.

Cell phone radiations are powerful, much more powerful than that of the Wi-Fi router, but not enough to cause any health issues. If it were, we could have seen a series of reported cases all over the world, but we haven’t. Given how long humans have been making use of RF and how old mobile phones and other wireless equipment are, we all might as well been wiped out due to its hazards if there was any.

The only observation, in my opinion, is the irrigation one tends to get as a result of marathon use of a mobile device. As to whether there is more to that I think the present laws of physics and biology have to be rewritten.

Considering about 25,000 and counting articles reported by the WHO to have been written within the space of 30 years concerning this topic, with the majority of them, revealing the biggest lies ever told about radiofrequency.


One would love to ask why the persistent panic and why the likes of a university professor alongside hundreds of bloggers publish posts about its hazards. I intend to shed more light on this with the following headlines.

They scare you to get clicks (Click baits)
Just as the talk show on radio caught my attention because of the subject matter, bloggers aim to lure you to get that precious click in order to generate traffic on their sites. Since we have been psyched to believe that everything that has merits has their bad sides, we are tempted to click on any link that promises to reveal the dangers of common things around us especially when it has to do with our health.

The more people write irrelevant articles concerning relevant issues such as modern medicines, lifestyle, using the microwave oven and of course the dangers of Wi-Fi router, the more attention the writer gets. Needless to say that educating you is never part of their intentions but to instigate fear that’ll ultimately lead you to visit their websites.

Well it’s not possible to control what people say or publish on their blogs concerning the dangers of Wi-Fi routers or any other modern-day inventions. But with this post, I intend to give a little bit of limitation to that because several questions about whether to seek an alternative in place of the Wi-Fi routers have been raised as a result of the high level of fear people are being fed with all these while. Some claim that their routers deprive them of their much-needed sleep, while a whole lot of others bear all sort of claims that are not scientifically proven.

Most people are unaware
Anti-Wi-Fi evangelists are the least educated on the topic of how safe RF devices are. A good number of them would be quick to pull out the discounted Bio Initiative Report in order to prove their claim.


Despite the official elements of this reports, several concerned organizations which includes every scientific body from the European Union and Australia have buttressed on the inappreciable nature of the report.

Given the effectiveness of social media, and how quick messages could go, the dangers of Wi-Fi could spread at an incredible speed without proper examination.

Everyone freaks out every time someone mentions anything about radiation, it is normal, given the lethality of ionising radiation which could go a long way in terms wreaking havoc to the human race.

But fortunately for us, the kind of radiation used by our wireless devices are none that can cause any health issues, though there may be a lot of controversies circulated around the internet and on print media. None of the facts in the controversy, should make us panic given the extensive studies by various bodies that have proven RF to be very safe.

So you can keep on enjoying you wireless router safely, as long as you follow the guidelines associated with its use.

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