Fear of the Unknown,

Fear of past offences,

Fear of people walking out of life,

Fear of being good enough for others,

Fear of measuring success based on society standards,

Fear of being misunderstood,

Fear of being different,

5pm December 31st 2017- I was indecisive about what Church to go for the NYE service. Growing up in a Nigerian home and spending NYE in church was the family tradition, we sang praises and prayed. I was worried (fearful) if my new American church will pray and sing praises just like my Nigerian church.

7pm December 31st 2017- After calling friends to find out plans for NYE and they all mentioned the different churches they will be attending. I tried recruiting a few friends to my church, but they kept saying they want to attend a church service where they can PRAY tirelessly. In my worried state, a voice said to me Jesus is Everywhere. I kept reciting that till I got to church.

10pm December 31st 2017- My Pastor preached on FEAR. I think God had me in mind when he sent the message to my pastor. I felt so much guilt because everything is said about fear described me. Fear almost let me miss the message that my soul needed to hear.I let fear take charge of everything in my life, I get panic attacks over the little and big things. Fear did not let me celebrate my victories, I was too worried about my failures and how I could have done things differently.

I made a decision to start living FEARLESSLY.