One Deadly Phrase You Use Often Is Killing Your Productivity

When Ebola came to Africa through monkeys and fruit bats, it took away many young lives…along with their big dreams.

In 2015, about 11,310 people were reported in the media to have been wiped out by the dreaded virus.

I remember reading the story of Patrick Sawyer and learning how the virus had taken his sister, Princess away. It was in the process of rescuing her that he too had contacted the virus. What a sad story.

That story made me cry especially after learning that Princess was the only daughter of the mother and she had just graduated from the university with big dreams of a brighter future.

Having contacted the virus and looking for a way to get cured, he rushed himself into Nigeria, with the hope of finding meaning, and most especially a cure for his disease. In the process, his presence threatened to wipe out many Nigerians. But the situation was quickly managed, and thus the lives (and dreams) of many were spared.

Ebola had the potential to wipe out a lot of dreams in a matter of days, but there is a stronger disease which wipes them out faster. And what makes this disease even more efficient is that many people who are suffering from it do not even know it is a disease. It penetrates easily into the human mind and cripples his ability to function effectively.

This so called disease has killed more dreams than the dreaded Ebola could ever boast of in the entire time it existed, And the name of the disease is: I’d try.

Every time you hear someone say I’d try, it means they are not sure about doing something. No wonder one of master Yoda’s famous quotes in the star war series which sought to tackle this problem became very popular. If you are not a fan of star wars, you probably have not heard this famous quote:

“There is no try, only do or not do.”

What makes I’d try the weakest position you can ever take.

Time and time again research has shown us that the state of mind is highly responsible for what we become. For instance there is a saying that “thoughts shape our actions” while another saying advises us that we should:

Be careful of our thoughts, they become words. Be careful of our words, they become actions, be careful of actions they become character and our character is who we are.

The problem with an I would try person is that he or she has conditioned his mind to be inefficient. The meaning of I would try could either be one of the following:

I don’t think I can do it. 
I don’t think I will do it.
I wont have time to do it.
I don’t want to do it.

Staying positive always makes us more effective, and many times most of us know that with the right attitude, we can achieve most given tasks, both at home and at work. Yet we often find ourselves using this very deadly words.
Let’s find out the reason why people often use these words.

We dont want the person getting excited: Instead of saying yes and affirming our position, an attitude that may get the other person excited, we prefer to keep the other person confused while we alone enjoy the excitment… that is selfish.

The Fear of Commitment: When someone doesnt want to give his best, you often find them saying I would try. Such person only wants to be in the middle. It’s also an excuse for not doing something you know you should do. Or extending the time in which to decide whether to be kind or not.

Fear of Not Being Competent: I’d try often times come out from the mouth of someone who is emotionally weak. Most times it is a giveaway sign by someone who is still figuring it out in his head if he is able to achieve the task or not. In a relationship someone who says I would try is probably not willing to commit. sometimes you hear words like, I can’t promise you, but I would try. this shows that the person is thinking of alternatives to doing what he or she ought to do. it also shows a level of self doubt in his ability to do it. For if someone is willing to do something, he will commit to it and do it.

Feeling of Pride: sometimes, the words I would try comes from someone who can do what is asked, ought to do it, but feels arrogant about doing it. This comes from a marked feeling that we are better than others and that it is okay to dissapoint others especially when it seems there will be no consequences for not doing what is asked. People in this category do not want to make sacrifices for others. they are the kind of people that seldom do anything that has no reward at the end. I’d try for them means “stop bothering me” because saying is just a way of making you stop pleading or asking further. This set of people feel if they say I’d try it keeps you off and when you ask them “ how did it go” they would just tell you, I tried, but it didn’t work out. And such people usually back it up with this familiar but unattractive personal philosophy: 
I don’t make promises so i wont dissapoint.
How To Stop Being an Id try person
 1. Be a No or Yes Person: Dont be afraid to say yes. and dont feel compelled to say yes. always think about the situation before you give a response. Many people say yes to all kinds of request even when the justification to say no is overbearing. Always learn to say no and most importantly, learn to never say I’d try.

2. Be Positive: The antedote for fear is faith so be positive always. Half the time, people who use I’d try are doing so as a result of fear. They are either afraid of failure or of over reaching. Fear always keeps us down, no matter its shape or size.

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