Trade routes of my mind

“Like the veins on grand ma’s hands, rivers flow in to the lagoon.

Secrets meet silence.

Affairs covered in sand, rise and fall in balance.

The moon shines golden and binds at night

Water tastes of blood, tears of salt”

Omo Elerin be !

Hike along the coast to Badagry on the western peninsula of Lagos and 10 km west of Ilashe we might as well be in the 19th century! No one speaks English, or Yoruba, we came across 5 tribes speaking Ewe, Egun, Agonyin, Ilaje, and Zabarma. Harkening to ancient trade routes.

Akintunde Disu

If i were to walk up to you and offer you $50 for an hour of you time you would probably punch me in the face. I think you need a reality check

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