There is poverty in the land

I woke up this morning feeling tired. I decided to take some time to rest and eat before heading for work. I heard a knock on my door, it was my neighbor — a grown man with two kids — who found out that I had not left for work. I was a little bit worried as to what my neighbor could be discussing as I was preparing to leave for the office. He sat me down and told me he wants to talk to me.

In tears, he told me his kids had not eaten since yesterday morning likewise himself. Unfortunately, his wife had left him with the kids. She wandered away with another man when he hit rock bottom. I got so angry at poverty that I gave him everything I had on me to feed those kids likewise himself.

Where I am going…. As much as the statement ‘Poverty is in the land’ sounds cliche, when you interface with it, you can not but fall flat. Those who have nothing to eat, to drink are all around us. The government is totally far away from us. What are we all doing? We sit on our laptops/ mobile devices and blame the government for doing the wrong things while our brothers and sisters are suffering. Shouldn’t we take it upon ourselves to support everyone around us with the little we have. Your 1000 Naira can just take the next person to his/her breakthrough.

Speaking to the man further I found out that he was very fine before with a lot of money. Life happened to him. This is not the first person who I have seen experience such. Life is a very long journey, you take a wrong bend and you get burnt.

Lets help one another, and we can all be better for it. Selah!