Hello CEO, let me burst your bobbles

I remember my journey into the whole startup-media combo. This was more than four years ago. During one of those unnecessary ASUU strikes. I had just gotten home and was looking at the best thing I could lay my hands on. I have always been a fan of media and was looking at changing the trajectory from my own standpoint. I started with the closest thing — The first media platform to surface in FUTA (Futatoday.com)—. And as much as the urge to create something took the best part of me, I started without any form of preparation, entrepreneurial skills or funding.

I just wanted to build something bigger than myself. To cut the long story short… Futatoday was a hit, we achieved more than I could ever imagine. I am who I am today because of that. As much as the platform is on a downward slope from a financial standpoint, the value and impact it has is priceless.

The founding team for Futatoday.com

To my point…. I started it, yes but with no skills to run a company, if I had any form of training or exposure as to knowing what to do and how to take certain decisions, Futatoday could have been better for it. We just kept on challenging the status-quo but we never cared about the business risks or implications. Sometimes it is not just about creating the next best thing, it is about maintaining what you currently have. Most times founders with no prior knowledge of what it takes to run a company get stuck. This is because they lack certain soft skills that ought to stand them out.

If you plan to start something or are currently running with a vision, the least you can do is to get some form of exposure. Yes, the DNA of an entrepreneur is different, we like to take risks. The issue here is knowing what risks is necessary and one that is not. It takes some form of training and understanding to know what it takes to run a startup.

Read books,surf online, work in someplace if you can; all these help to reshape you and make you a better CEO. To make a shoe one has to learn cobbling. You can’t build a world class shoe without any form of training in cobbling.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, the road to being a founder of a startup is never going to be smooth. But you can reduce the stumbling blocks on your way. I hope you have been able to learn a thing or two. Feel free to share your thoughts, I am open to suggestions. No one knows it all!

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