My experience so far at Andela Bootcamp — Day 3

Feedback! Feedback! Feedback! I thought I knew the importance of feedback until I experienced Andela bootcamp. So far, the importance of feedback can not be overestimated. You talk,eat,give and take feedback in all you do.

On a lighter note, its been a fun and challenging experience so far. I’m now gradually getting used to the itchy eyes and fast pace of everything. Day 3 just like the other days involved solving tasks from home and submitting before the deadline for the day.

One particular task that was more challenging than others for the day involved creating a RESTFul public API that can accept HTTP requests. Being a developer newbie with few projects in portfolio. I had to contact different resources such as documentations, online tutorials and prior solutions. I was finally able to solve it and asked for feedback from my Bootcamp Facilitator Assistant (BFA).

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the feedback I received actually made me realize I was taking the wrong process. I had a long chat with my BFA after he accessed my work who gave me his feedback which I implemented and resubmitted.

In conclusion, even though the bootcamp is fast paced, I’ve been able to learn so much in such a short period of time. And furthermore, never to underestimate the importance of feedback.

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