5 Interesting projects you can build with your kid(s) this summer holiday (Ages 3 to 6)

I was consulted by a toddlers’ school to help teach their pupils, age-appropriate technological and engineering projects that would be fun, to get kids thinking outside the box and elicit a “wow” from them.

I must confess it was an interesting time for me and my team. The hours allocated to this cause were never enough and the kids’ excitements could not be tamed.

Every day was fun and a time to learn. I was particularly thrilled by the kids’ reaction. They were quick to identify the different concepts behind technology in their everyday world even after the completion of our summer class.

With that in mind, I have put together a kit for parents who are willing to build these projects with their kids. They are interesting projects that your kids would like. This, I can assure you.

However, for the “I-don’t-have-the-time” or “I-cannot-even-put-on-the-computer” or “I-cannot-even-come-and-kuku-kill-myself” parents, I can send a member of my team to come tutor your kid(s). :)

If you are interested in this highly recommended kit and/or would opt for a professional to guide and supervise the build of this project with your kid(s), you can pre-order and get yours delivered to you. Also, you could send an email to me[at]akinyeleolubodun.com or comment below.

We also have projects for kids between ages 1 and 2 but they are not included in this kit. You can specifically request for it and I will get it across to you. I can assure you they are also fun to build.

Lightbulb Magic

It looks magical for kids to see how light comes up because they see this happen everyday.

This project uses a battery, a bulb and wires to light a bulb.

As simple as this project sounds, you will be amazed to find out that your kids do not have the slightest idea how a light bulb suddenly lits up for the first time. You bet, they don’t.

This project would get them thinking when next they see a bulb lit up.

One of the kids asked me an intelligent question after this project, He said: “Sir, our generator has a bigger battery because it lights our bulbs…plenty bulbs”. I began to muse over this.

Groovy Connections

Kids hear sounds everyday and wonder where it comes from. Our phones, TV sets and other gadgets produces sounds. It beats their imagination how little things produce sounds.

This project is meant to unravel the mystery behind the sounds they can hear.

I am sure your kids will be able to point out if speakers are responsible for sounds made by different things once the project is completed. And maybe one of your kids would inquire as one of my tutored kids did: “Where is the speaker placed when raining is falling and I hear a big sound my dad calls tumbder?”.

Making a Simple Pneumatic Machine

This project is very simple. Unlike some of the hydraulic projects around, these pneumatic machine can be operated by using only compressed air instead of water.

It makes your kid see how compressed air can help lift things mechanically.

It will be fun and a thought provoking exercise for your kids.

When next they see a tractor lifting things, they would be tempted to ask if it is using compressed air to lift things.

Building a Wiggle Robot

My little boy returned from school one afternoon. He was only 2 years then but he was dancing and walking like a robot.

Building a robot for kids is an awesome, unforgettable project. I recall the expression on my boy’s face when I built him a wiggling robot. This robot had been built to print rhythmic pattern on a board when it moved.

It will excite the kids to see such robot move around.

Rotor will be introduced to the kids so they can see and comprehend the how moving objects move.

Your kid(s) will be happy they built one.


Let’s Make a Moving Car

Toy cars excite kids. It’s the reason why every one out of ten kiddies toys, is a toy car.

This project adopts similar concept as with the wiggling robot. The car moves.

It is simple and fun to build.

This project will get your kids jumping around.

These and many more projects are amazing. Your kids will be fascinated. If you need help building any of the above, kindly reach out to me.