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Second project recap

The second project (playlist app) was great to introduce some design concepts like autolayout and constraints, regarding swift was pretty slow, mostly because they want to teach some basics before and I understand that, the course is aimed at beginners and they need to…

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Diving deeper

Now we're doing some more "advanced" stuff, working with master-detail views, navigation controllers, creating new outlets and actions, things didn't change much in this department, all the shortcuts and concepts are the same, swift makes the syntax very intuitive but the development workflow was…

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Now we're starting to use some powerful tools, if you have experience with object oriented programming you already now what I'm talking about, classes, inheritance and method override.

Like objective-c, Swift takes advantages of this concept and we’re going to study all of the…

Guilherme Akio Sakae

Software Engineer, baseball player, Red Sox fan. http://akiosakae.com

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