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ohsora kimishima - sandou

– fluct – flood – bundle of light –

guitarist, vocalist, sing with guiter, band

君島大空 “散瞳”

揺らぎ – 溢れる – 光の束


He is Japanese singer ohzora kimishima.

He is 24years old. He sing like bundle of light.

lyrics like collage. You will never forget it once if you see him. He will lead Japanese music with his exceptional talent.


This is live video @ Shibuya WWWX. During watching it spring is coming, gone, and summer is blooming. Tight guiter makes audience time stop, and cracked rhythm makes them move again. All people on stage match them heart, enjoy music.Maybe all audience wanted to not going home after it.


Lyrics of hook サビの歌詞

moning, inaudible songs flew away.


saying your name so much through out the window.

君の名前 飽きるほど窓の向こうに繋いでいたら

Beautification vaporised, wastefully gray noise staticed.


It’s raining like filled flowers.




Please, drive the world which is forgetting you!


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Written by

university student 21years old in Japan : introduce mainly alt-rock music in JP. 日本のオルタナミュージックを中心に発信

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