The latest Telegram comes with lots of new features for Android and iOS. — Chat Telegram is a digital massager platform that has been known and used by many people, with that, Telegram continues to try to make applications to add to the experience of sending digital messages better, more comfortable and interesting.

Telegram is doing the latest Update which comes with many new features for Android and iOS.

react is now part of the app, and if you've ever used Facebook Messenger, you know how it works. The difference is that on Telegram the user presses and holds on iOS to select a reaction emoji, and taps once on Android. On the second platform, double-tapping a message sends a quick thumbs up reaction.

Users can change the default double react reaction to something else in Settings. Reactions are always active in private chats, while in groups and channels it's up to the admin whether to enable or not (as well as choosing which reaction emojis are available).

New Spoiler Formatting supports spoiler hidden users. The user simply selects the spoiler-filled part of the user's and his friends' messages as such. This will then bring up the message in the chat, as well as in the chat list and in the notification. To see what's hidden, just tap on the spoiler to reveal the text.

A new dedicated translation button can be added to the context menu when selecting a message, and it works on all Android devices as well as iOS 15+ on Apple devices. The list of available languages ​​depends on the software on the phone.

Users can set a QR code theme for your profile (or someone else's), by choosing a color and pattern. There's a newly redesigned context menu in macOS with animated icons as well.

Lastly, new interactive versions are available for some emojis, like snowflakes, for example. Sending this will make it snow on the screen. There are others too. It is only available in 1 on 1 chat.

Of course, with the latest features in Telegram, it will add to the experience in sending messages that will be more comfortable and interesting.



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