DIY : PR for Startups

Now that you’ve made the bold move of opening up your own business, you’re likely faced with the challenge of spreading the word about your goods or services to potential customers. One of the most cost-effective ways to build buzz around your start-up is to get it covered by the media, either local or national. But how does one go about doing that, especially if you don’t have the budget to hire a PR firm?

Torsten Mueller, co-founder of Twitter-based search engine Tame, joined with us in a session on “do-it-yourself” approach to publicizing and able to do your own PR for our ventures ” for fellows at our The Do School new campus on Mueller told from his experience. “You are your business’ best advocate”.

From his session my learnings are,

Make yourself relevant; Take the time to develop relationships with relevant media contacts. They’re not there to serve you — a journalist’s job is to report the news, so make yourself newsworthy.

What’s your story? Spend some time thinking about what makes your company and product interesting. How can you tie these points of interest into a memorable and positive representation of your company, product, and brand?

Make your own lists. There are lots of shortcuts to the list-building process, but Mueller recommended taking the time to create a comprehensive list of publications that would suit our company’s profile. From there, go to each publication’s website by searching relevant terms to find the correct writer to contact.

Newswire services are worth it. If your budget allows for it, sign up for a press release distribution service to increase your media reach. Many sites have services tailored for small businesses that are writing and sending their own press releases.

And more,”Utilize the cloud. Use cloud storage services like Drop box to host PDFs of your media kit, press releases, and a few high-resolution images, and include the link to the files in your pitch emails. It’s a great way to share your materials without having to add any large attachments.

Originally published at on March 3, 2016.

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