When Invention Counts..!!!!

I want to tell you about a powerful idea on how we can solve global poverty and how young talents can be used for change. Many a times when we start discussing about something like poverty alleviation, we often hear the word ‘innovation’. That was when we realized that there is a problem with great innovations. Social entrepreneurs don’t represent innovation, they represent invention.In fact, inventing something is only the first step, they only become innovative when it leaves the lab and helps people in need. I know this sounds simple but our argument is that in large conglomerates and economies, researchers have miserably failed to create effective poverty solutions, due to improper distribution system. I feel young talents; social entrepreneurs’ use these inventions to change the world and fill the gap between invention and invention distribution system.
At Social Data Plus, we are working smart to focus on young talents to distribute invention system for better world. And more, young talents will become social entrepreneurs with invention distributing system.

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