Meet Shankline Aturinde, Frontend & Backend Developer, Infinix Web, codeHive class of 2020

Shankline Aturinde was first drawn to tech when she saw gadgetry and tech in some of her favourite TV shows.

“I wished I could learn some tech and do what Nikita did in the series,” Shankline recalls.

Meet Lavet Adhiambo, Service and Experience Designer, ALX Africa, codeHive Class of 2016

Lavet Adhiambo’s codeHive graduation day was an emotional culmination of months of hard work.

“Linda and Marie believed in me and encouraged me through the process. The graduation gown was a symbol of success, I never knew…

Meet Lesarge Simpanoi

Mobile Developer, codeHive Class of 2020

Lesarge,25, hails from a village in Samburu County nestled on the shores of the breathtaking Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya. But despite the beauty, the county didn’t offer much work opportunity for her Mother and Father.

At the age of four…

Meet Phionah Ayinembabazi

Software Developer, codeHive Class of 2020

At Bright Future High School, in Kanungu, Uganda, Phionah was drawn to her Chemistry teacher’s smartphone and tablet. She was fascinated by what he was able to do with it. His ease of access to the internet for information and his…

Meet Wendy Orengo

Software Engineer, codeHive Class of 2020

When Wendy, 20, completed her primary school education in 2015 in a private school in Nairobi, she was super excited to go to a boarding high school across the country. …

At AkiraChix we genuinely believe in the age-old saying, “Each one, teach one,” which we sum up in our vision as #SheServes.

We believe that all the young women who graduate from our codeHive program need to give back to their communities in various ways. From building sustainable technology-driven solutions…

Meet Tracy Baraza

User Experience Designer, Inuua Tujenge, codeHive 2019 graduate

Growing up in Nairobi’s low-income neighbourhoods of Kaloleni and Makongeni, Tracy knew her only way out was through hard work. …

Meet Regina Wanjiru

Telecommunication Technician, Fireside Communication Group, codeHive 2017 graduate

“We are four sisters, so when anything was busted like the TV or radio, the four of us had to fix things when Mum went out to work odd jobs to make ends meet. I grew up seeing my…

By Veronica Thamaini

Africa Regional Coordinator, Creative Action Institute and Navigating Your Journey Instructor, AkiraChix

I met the AkiraChix founders through a network of startups where I used to work, I was interested in tech and would attend AkiraChix events. In 2018, the AkiraChix team realised the girls needed something…

Meet Asha Abdulrashid Ali

Android Developer, Open Institute, codeHive 2019 graduate

When Asha graduated from High School in 2017, she looked forward to going to University. But she knew her mother wouldn’t be able to afford the tuition fee for her education. She wasn’t quite sure at the time what…

AkiraChix Kenya

Provide hands-on technical training and mentorship to young women & girls to increase the number of skilled women in tech and positively impact the community

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