Gemstone painting

My name is Hai, full name : Nguyen Huu Hai. Was born in North Vietnam in 1989, in a poor country, In the country lead by communist, economic, science, technology not development, all people must word hard to living. Then economic become growth, all living in here improve, but we still in not development country. I have been study physic in university with my ambition i can supply technology for my country. But no fair, politic and government so nasty, i can not do my ambition. After 2 year work in government officer, i giver up.

Now i working in trade, my main product:

  1. tranh da quy : this picture from natural crush stone, it making by hand, many people take it for their home decoration
  2. mat ong: English name is honey, it harvest by farmer in many are country in Vietnam.
  3. vong tay da: this product from natural semi-precious stone, it for jewelry or fashion
  4. da ruby: this natural gemstone, it mining in Vietnam and used for making jewlry
  5. son chong tham: this material for water proofing in house, construction…
  6. chong tham tuong nha: this action for repair your house when water leak
  7. da trang suc: this many stone precious and semi-precious for jewelry
  8. bim vai: this paper from cotton used for children.
  9. gemstone painting: this special product i want introduce

Gemstone painting Vietnam is three-dimensional picture, it’s product made form natural gemstone by handmade, it’s for home and room… decorate and gift. From natural stone and creative, we use crush stone to making picture. When finish picture so three-dimension and natural color.

With many natural stone resource and creative, we work and making a picture art from stone, it unique product, it good ans stable in time. We are not development country, we can not make and competitive electric product, technology product and other field..

We need dealer and customer import, we want development this work and make many work for people here.

Thank you.

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