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My Life

Autumn Kirk

I was born in Hoffman Estates, IL on December 31st, 1999. I live in Mount Prospect with my mom and dad. I went to St. Raymond’s for 9 years after transferring there from Robert Frost Elementary. I am an only child and I have three fish. I used to have a betta fish and it’s name was Christmas Tree Halloween, I was five. I’ve liked plants since I was litte and I grow some in my bedroom. I take American Sign Language classes at Forest View and I like learning languages. I like the color blue and I also like to ice skate.

I picked the song Sleepwalking covered by This Wild Life because I enjoy the song but I don’t like the original screamo version.


At 9:00pm on Thursday I went to Jewel Osco to purchase one harvest apple pie to bring to AmStud for my table.

Three people who inspire me

Corey Crawford inspires me because he is a good goalie and does a lot for charity.

Michelle Obama inspires me because she empowers young women and she is a good humanitarian.

Dat Boi inspires me because it’s a pure meme and I couldn’t think of a third person.

A goal of mine

A goal of mine is to visit Japan because it is a beautiful country and I like the culture.

Life in America

The American Flag is very prominent in American culture and it represents life here and is a sign of patriotism.

Americans are taxed for things that should be free.

It is expensive to live in America since we have such high prices on medication and other essentials that can be found cheaper in other countries.

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