Maren Kate
Maren Kate

In this episode of the Startups For The Rest of Us podcast, Rob interviewed Maren Kate.

Maren built Zirtual, a service company in SF that was offering on demand virtual assistants. She hired 400 people in less than 2–3 years, and after leaving the company she launched Avra Talent. On the podcast, she explained her exact recruiting process that’s now being used by many other startups that hire remotely. Here it is:

1/ Figure out the Job(s) To Be Done by the role.

Forget the title. First define the jobs to be done. Don’t collect resumes, we only look at resumes at stage 5. They are not the right “tool” for assessing an applicant. Let your company culture and your company’s version of weird shine through the job post. …

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The Feb. 28, 2020 episode of the Exchanges at Goldman Sacks podcast was obviously dedicated to the Coronavirus and the impact it’s having on markets. Here are some things I feel are worth noting down:

1/ This is the fastest slide into a correction since 2008

2/ Monday was the worst day for the S&P in over 2 years

3/ China represents 17% of global GDP which is 6 times bigger than it was during the SARS outbreak in 2003

4/ Sales into China for US corporates are at around 2% of S&P revenue exposure so the impact of the virus is affecting mainly the supply…

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I’ve been listening to the Founder Coffee podcast by Jeroen Corthout (Co-Founder at Salesflare) since the beginning.

In Feb. 2020, Jeroen interviewed Rahul Vohra, the founder of Superhuman and I really liked some of the ideas and practices Rahul uses to grow his startup, so here is a summary!

Setting and reaching a goal through a specific type of brainstorming

Let’s say that you need to get to $5 million ARR. Now you’re at $3M ARR. So how will you add $2M ARR to this year’s plan? Well, now we have a framed question.

1/ Frame the question in multiple ways.

One way is “how do we generate an extra $2M of revenue”. Another way would be “what could we be doing that would make $5M of revenue”. …


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