Machine Economy

A community book project

Jun 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Coming across the terminology “Machine Economy” most people have never heard about it. Trying to find more information in the age of blockchain and AI tech, does not give you a lot of information or make you any smarter. Meanwhile there is a dedicated community of enthusiasts who are all pioneers in this space. In 10–20 years our kids will probably take it for granted that autonomous driving cars have their own machine bank accounts and drones deliver pizza which your smart home AI pays for…

Lets write/ make a book together

A few weeks ago we came up with the idea to write a decentralized book by the community for the community (and everybody else who is curious to learn more about Machine Economy). The rules for this project are short and straight forward as explained in our first trailer for the project:

Trailer for our community book: Machine Economy

We already have a diverse set of writers and different genres from academic to crime/ sci-fi/ thriller. In addition we have a bunch of people involved supporting with our website (with is under maintenance to be relaunched soon), translations, strategy, book publishing experience, writers block help, community organisation and more. The final goal that we are all working for is to make the first book (e-book and paperback) of this kind, that provides 10 unique perspectives into the upcoming world of a machine economy where machines are buying and selling services to each other and who knows will make the world a better or worse place…

2 months ago it was only an idea…

The initial thought was posted on 22.April 2019 on Twitter. With a few parameters set and agreed by our group, instead of endless, unproductive planning, we just jumped right into writing, organising, designing, etc. with the same common destination: Publishing a real book together.

First day of the project on twitter
Latest version of book cover: front and back — work in progress

Although there is a lot of effort around the book, the essence comes of course from the 10 perspectives, which all deal with the topic Machine Economy in their own way. Each of these perspectives is roughly 30 pages short and a closed narrative (similar to the concepts of Black Mirror/ Love, Death & Robots or Animatrix). We would love to give you a sample of Episode 01 and hope you will get hungry for more…

Machine Economy — Episode 01

by Jascha107

Become a part of this book project

Already about 15 people are now contributing to this project without any payment so far. The passion is essential of course, but to actually publish the book, do the printing and shipments, etc. we require some financial support as well obviously.

We are going to start with a crypto IOTA and EOS (no fees!) donation run. For people who like the project, but are not familiar with cryptos we have added a paypal money pool, too.

Every bit helps and your name will be honoured in our book (you can also pick an anonymous alias if you want).

We are planning to sell the e-book version for 10€ thats why any donation of 10€ or above will entitle you for a dedicated one time download link as soon as the book is released (current roadmap. before Christmas 2019). Donate to:



: machines1234


We have thought about doing a kickstarter project, but have not decided to do one yet, due to large transaction fees and enormous efforts which we lack the resources for at the moment. In any case if we would do an additional kickstarter project at a later point in time, all previous donors, will receive at the least the same rewards as the founding members!

We will keep you updated on the progress of this project and thank you in advance if you are supporting the project in any way. Also please feel free to comment below.


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