After a long day at work, she went to meet him. He had cooked her a meal. Chicken and peas pulav. Just the way she liked it.

She smiled, grateful. Had a morsel of the dish he prepared with such love.

Almost instantly, she was transported.

She blinked, looked up. Suddenly it was 2008. The dish was the same. But someone else in front of her. The man paused for her reaction. She was mumbling incoherent stuff with her mouth full of food. He looked pensive. Finally, she swallowed and beamed.

Oh my God i love it. It’s sooo good. How are you such a good cook

The man looked like he’d just received the best prize in the world. He loved her. She was all he could think about. For 4 years.

4 years later, he left and never returned, abandoning her.

It broke her. In all ways a person could be broken.

They made it through life, sometimes with different people, alone and bitter in spirit.

A year after many, she and her new fiance went looking for a church to get married in. Something inexplicable happened.

The fiance died on the spot. She survived. Barely.

She was broken. Again. In all ways a person could be broken

The man had heard. He cried. He felt guilty in some way. He wanted to see her once she could walk and talk again. He eventually did. She is alive and well. He is sorry and not.

It felt like no time had gone by. But yet, there was a wall. 
They parted again, as lost acquaintances.

Flash forward to a few years. They’re in the same city again. A few miles apart. He knows where she lives. She knows where he lives.

They’ve spent their nights in the arms of new acquaintances, friends or loves. They spend their days in meaningless existence but meaningful work.

Her heart is racing. She blinks. It’s 2017.

The man now in front of her is somebody else. She chews the morsel of food and swallows. Smiles. Nostalgia sweeps over her like a crushing wave. She inhales. Takes a few minutes.

He waits for her reaction. She beams. He grins and lifts her up in his arms. He loves her. She knows.

That’s when it hit her…she had never told him about this dish or it being one of fer favorites.

Love came a full circle. Maybe this time, to stay.

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