Image AP via The Uptown Collective.

I can’t believe abortion is still a topic of public discussion. Pregnancy is a personal matter, the government has no right to interfere in any way. The decision to proceed or not with a pregnancy it is only of the female and male that started, willingly or unwillingly, a process of gestation; it’s their right to decide if they want to procreate or not: because only their lives and bodies would be affected by their decision. We need to start planning parenthood, because as we can see all around us, not every human already born had/has all the basic needs, and that is mostly a direct resultant of unwanted pregnancies, humans that come to life unwanted, to then be neglected, rejected, abused, starved, abandoned, ignored, used, forgotten.

No person, and particularly NO woman wants to go through an unwanted pregnancy and much less an abortion in their life; and NO male can possibly know how a female feels during a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted, only a woman’s body knows that. Only a woman knows about her personal needs, and may differ from one to another, but again, it is each individual, each female’s call what she does with her body. You can agree or disagree with her decision, but it is not your body, not your life, definitely not your future, so you have to shut up and do what you want with your body, your life and your future.

The only way the government can help women not to go through abortion is providing them with good sanitary conditions, intellectual and sexual education and all the prophylactic, anti conceptive methods available. And to the men, the same, because it takes two genders to start a pregnancy. That is the only way a government should intervene in this matter, a responsible, mature and evolved way to rule a civilized society in 2017.

We are born into societies and unfortunately there is no way out, we are all in this together; we need to make sure the laws that rule our daily lives are not interfering with the basic requirements of our minds and bodies. We need to ensure that everyone already here, all born human beings have the same chance, place and access to education, health and work, that each one of us eats well, sleeps well and knows what is best for ourselves. Breathing is not enough for a human to be alive.