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There has been a 60% increase in the number of North Carolina investors during the last 4 months…in the middle of a pandemic?! 1,300 everyday people decided to take stakes, often as little as $100, in private companies in their backyard.

The Problem:

As we traveled through the state, partners said “You keep telling me that $billions have been raised, unicorns returning un-Godly returns (1,000X+) to everyday people, and anyone, wealthy or not, has access to invest. What’s happening in NC? Where can I go to see every private company connected to NC that is raising capital that the community has access to invest in?”,

For those asking, “what’s a private company?”, it’s a company like your favorite micro-brewery, tech startup, commercial real estate, life science innovator, and more right in your backyard! It’s a company that’s not on the stock market. Did you ever wonder where companies get their investors before they go public on the stock market?

Enter stage left:

Investors in these early-stage, private companies expect outsized returns for the risk they take on. After all, it’s possible for them to lose their entire investment, but the potential financial gain is unheard of to most Americans who have never had the opportunity to participate. (e.g. Peter Thiel’s 1 small investment in Facebook yielded over $1B to his investor fund) NC Grind addresses the deeply-felt challenges that partners and founders requested to create a community of investors uber focused on companies out of NC. As one of many partners, we helped facilitate the launch of provide access, awareness, and opportunities to the market of private companies investments easily accessible in North Carolinians.

What are the private markets?

Until recently, you needed to be a VC fund, insider, or professional to access the Uber’s, Facebook’s, and Microsoft’s of tomorrow…a world where every $1K you invest may be worth $200K to several million (potentially with you owing $0 to the IRS for capital gains tax). Now it’s not just the super-wealthy winning big, it’s people gaining access to place multiple smaller bets typically $100, $500, or $1–5K.

Why did partners create NC Grind? serves as a centralized location for investment opportunities, entrepreneurial resources, and a community that strives to build up NC.

Why are 1st time and seasoned investors attracted to NC?

NC has tremendous potential for investment returns. We believe the secret sauce behind why private companies are flocking to our state is the fact that our very fragmented entrepreneurial community, creates tremendous diversity for innovation, thought, and expertise. While we’re fragmented by region, we have super strong cross-collaboration capabilities. For example:

  • AR/VR out of the Triad,
  • Fintech, Medtech, and Insurtech out of Charlotte
  • Fintech out of Wilmington
  • Tech in Asheville, Durham, Raleigh and more,
  • Life sciences in RTP, Triad, Greenville, and more!
  • Tech pretty much across the entire state extending mountains to sea!
  • As well as all the commercial real estate, local main street businesses, and franchises across the state

It’s actually really hard to segment, but the innovation is robust!

…heck we don’t even have enough space to list everything here. Just check out what founders are doing at and why a community of everyday people are taking a stake through their investment. You can find access to demo days to hear from founders, investor education, investing groups welcoming those who are 1st-time investors as well as those who are seasoned, and more …all in one place.

What does NCGrind cost?

NCGrind will never charge for the public’s access to offerings.

Partners mainly make money from companies successfully growing and creating ‘exits’ (aka liquidity to investors) with their businesses! These returns make NC Grind and other partner work possible.

Individuals, new investors, and seasoned investors choose if, when, and what offerings or investor groups they want to place their dollars in.

What’s the impact of COVID?

COVID is hitting society, but our entrepreneurial community is rapidly getting people back to work in a post-COVID world, and providing unique investment opportunities may be once in a lifetime that the entire community can access! It’s unique to see so many different industries thrive in one state. Why not unite the community around a common passion: North Carolina?

What else can I expect to learn?

Founders will share their stories and find access to funding from a highly vested community in addition to their networks. Investors can see live offerings relevant to them from both a geographic context as well as industries & founders they know. Partners connect the two sides with pitch events, demo days, and syndicates (groups for seasoned and 1st-time investors to learn together).

How did this start?

Investment Crowdfunding (also known as Equity Crowdfunding) spun out of the 2012 Jobs Act to allow the general public to invest in private companies, and founders to raise capital from their community in addition to traditional funding methods like bank loans and Venture Capitalists (which NC Grind also has listed!). NC Grind provides education and access for North Carolinians and Carolinaphiles (people who love North Carolina) to invest in the state’s emerging businesses.

Why is this the first time I’m hearing about this?

For 80+ years, the highest returning class in the United States was limited to wealthy people (accredited investors). It’s estimated that 95% of those households who are accredited don’t even know they can invest in these private market offerings. Major efforts around education and access kicked off in 2012 and then it became possible for all Americans to participate in 2016!. So we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Where are the partners focused?

As partners, we want to ensure everyone has access to potential returns, and the opportunity to support the businesses right in their backyard. Heck, we’ve met some founders who became founders because they started as investors and learned they loved to build companies and invest. NC Grind may help birth a whole new class of investors/entrepreneurs. In 3 weeks, with partners currently in Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, and a list growing weekly we all have the capacity to spread this across the entire state…all 100 counties…supporting all individual in and outside NC who value the investment opportunities NC offers in the national and global scene, and partners who tirelessly get in the grind right alongside private companies in NC.

After all, it’s not about us so much as it’s about who we’re leaving NC to.

The NC Grind community builds and (re)invests for a new future where the barriers to upward mobility, innovation, and creation extend to every individual, including the youngest among us who show a desire to create a product or service society will value!

Visit to see a list of resources, current investment opportunities, and upcoming educational events. If you are interested in becoming a regional partner or providing access to founders, please contact

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