Akshit Kishore


My Holiday Experience


The holiday season is a magical time of Winter where everyone is happy and content in all that they have. It is a time of giving, caring, and loving.It is when you spend your time with your family in celebrations like Christmas, Hannukah, and Quanza.Many people use this time to go to places they havent gone to yet, they go on adventures and go throuh new experiences.Others stay at home and spend time close to each other talking, lauhing, and enjoying their holiday.My holiday experience was a mix of the both as we went somewhere new and spent time at my house close to my loved ones.

It was the christmas day and the wait was killing me. 2 days ago my mother had told me that my good friends Aayush and Manas were coming over to spend christmas with us. The wait was agonizingly slow due to the fact that they lived so far away, Aayush living 80 miles away and Manas residing a whopping 500 miles away. After spending much of the long wait on my Ipad the door finally rang, signalling they had arrived.

DING-DONG DING-DONG sang the doorbell. as my father rushed to open the door.In came Aayush and Manas followed by there parents and youner brothers.As dinner cooked we sat and talked because we only met twice a year so we had a lot to catch upp on.After dinner was ready we got settled and ate.After dinner we stayed up till late playing board games such as Monoply and on my Xbox.

The next morning we woke up early so we could get ready and go on the long trip to Palm Springs.After getting ready we packed everything we would need and we got in our cars.The little kids went in one car while me Aayush and Manas traveled in another. we had lots of fun during the 2 hour drive, we cracked funny jokes and chatted some more, soon we arrived at Palm springs where we met up with the rest of the group.

After meeting up with the group we started walking up the mountain where a bus picked us up.The bus deposited us at the tram station.There we got tickets and spent the wait time in the woods walking and enjoying the food we brought with us.After playing games like hide and go seek and tag the wait time was finally over.We started walking to towards the waiting area, we stopped and took a view of the mountains and the trams moving around in it.In about 30 minutes we were in line, they then took our tickets and we went to the boarding area.When the tram came in it was much bigger than I expected the tram to be muh smaller.We entered the tram and a the tram driver told us what to do, we looked outside as the tram started rotating and moving upward.

In the tram a new voice told us about the tram and the mountain we were climbing, we watched as all 5 towers passed and the temperature became almost 25 degrees cooler.we watched as the desert like mountain slowly began to fill up with snow.We slowly ascended up the mountain and in about 10 minutes we reached the station.

We slowly exited out of the tram and Aayush, Manas, and I started descending down the mountain with the rest of our families.We ran down the slope to find a beautiful valley filled with snow. We ran there and started playing in the snow.As the little kids built snowmen we started a snowball fight..Soon we were all very very cold, so we took a break and tried to warm ourselves up. we explored the area and found a sled to play with.We all tried thew sled down a small hill and had much fun.

Feeling very cold we ran up the stair with much speed all the way to the tram station as we got to the tram station we were instantly warmer because of their intense heating.We walked up to the restaurant ant and we had dinner with everyone.They had very good food we bought much of the pizza and tater tots.After eating dinner we waited in another line and got into the tram.We descended from the station and saw the beautiful nighttime city of Palm springs. as we arrived at the station we hurriedly got out, went to catch the next bus got off at our parking lot and got in our car.I was so tired after today’s experience that I fell asleep during the entire car ride.

I was woken by the roar of the garage as we parked in my driveway.Rushing out of the car we quickly ran inside to get warm.We went upstairs and played monopoly until it was time to go to bed.

The next morning we woke up and got ready, so we could continue our game of monopoly.We played until 1 where we went out to go hike on a trail by our house. It was really windy and our food was almost blown away.when we got back to the house we played some CoD.Aayush was doing the best out of all 3 of us, after. that we went upstairs and played dueling network until we were too sleepy to continue.

The next morning we were all sad that they would finally going.We got ready and ate a big breakfast.We talked until it was finally time for them to leave.We stepped outside with them and waved them goodbye.